Dual-axle conversions

designed and developed by HAYMAN REECE







The installation of a STRETCHPACK kit increases the wheelbase of the vehicle. This increased wheelbase reduces fore-and-aft pitching to improve driver comfort. The larger rear footprint provides greater lateral stability, particularly when the vehicle is forced off the edge of a narrow road. Hub/drums are furnished to allow wheels which match the original equipment to be used. The original spare wheel thus still covers all road wheels.

Braking efficiency performance is dramatically improved with 10" hydraulic drum brakes installed on the lazy axle actuated by the standard hydraulic system. 10" electric brakes are alternative option.

The lazy/tag axle is fitted with 10" electrically actuated hub/drums, independently controlled by an electric controller situated in the cabin. This system has proved reliable in real-world situations for over 20 years, but a 6 wheel-hydraulic system can be fitted upon request for certain types of vehicle.

The Series 1 system has quarter elliptic leaf springs as the main load support, assisted by pump up shock absorbers.

Series 2 has longer quarter elliptic leaf springs springs with six inch double convoluted air bags as the extra assistance. This helps transfer load weight further back on the chassis, allowing up to a 10'6" tray on some vehicles.

The air bags are fitted with a low pressure gauge and pressure relief valve which doubles as a deflation control, and can be plumbed either into the cabin or externally. This allows inflation and deflation to be handled as required from the convenience of the driver's seat.

At STRETCHPACK, we can also increase the wheelbase by relocating the drive-axle, so you can fit a longer tray and achieve more load volume with no GVM rating increase.